April 2018 Alumni Association
Meeting Minutes
The April meeting of the Chattanooga Central High School Alumni Association was held April 12, 2018 at 6:00 p. m. in the school library. President, Lucy Bottorff called the meeting to order at 6:01 p.m. Lucy recognized new attendee, Michael Noone, from the class of 1992. He has been writing the Friday night football write-ups on Facebook for CHS football games since he was a student. New attendee, Steve Daniels, was also recognized. He is a graduate of Notre Dame and will be the new assistant football coach in the fall.
Retired Coach, John Crawford introduced the new head football coach, Curt Jones and wife, Misty to the members of the Alumni Association. Coach Jones has been married 22 years and has 2 children. He has a long history in football and coached in several schools. He is currently finishing up the school year teaching Biology and Chemistry at Notre Dame, where he has built strong relationships with his students and is preparing them for his departure. He held the title of Head Coach for Sequatchie County High School as well. Principal, Finley King remarked that Mr. Jones has excellent references. One father told Finley, “Don’t let him get away!” Coach Jones is glad to be back at Central. He has high expectations for our students. He treats his students like he treats his own children. He explained that Coaches Carter and Cribbs will be helping him out with the team as well as Michael Davenport and another new attendee, Randy Thomas, as assistant coaches. He will also have the help of two grad students who are eager to work with our team. He explained that he wants this to be a life-long football program. He wants to build a relationship with the Alumni Association and has been inviting former classmates to future meetings. He will be continuing the use of FAMED for the marketing and advertising of our team and he will still be utilizing social media to build a following. Mr. Jones explained that he currently has 26 students working out and expects to have close to 70 or 75 students by the fall. He introduced Ron Kincer, former C-Club member and Class of 1957. Introductions were made around the room. Tara Waldrop asked Coach Jones to expand on his philosophy on the importance of education for students on his team. He stated that education is the most important to him and he would not hesitate to bench a player if he doesn’t have the grades. He plans on being a father-figure to his students and will have a strong support system in place for them. He says the players are excited to be part of this team. He says they are mainly asking to make sure they are doing everything right. He said morale is high. These are great players and he has had no issues – they are motivated! Coach Jones thanked Gary Woodall, James Walker, and Barney Ottinger. He states they were very involved in the support process and he is thankful. He thanked Connie and Naomi Hay for their support in getting him to come back to Central. He really wants to get parents involved in the program this year. Gary Woodall will help with that. Lucy asked about any immediate needs he may have for the team. Right now, he explained, they are looking into purchasing two (2) tackle wheels (foam rubber dummies) that will allow contact every day. They run $499.00 each. He is also looking to purchase a 10 x 10 screen on wheels for the players to work on their blocking schemes. He said he will get a list of items to Finley soon. His football program at Notre Dame has put 21 students into collegiate programs. He personally transports kids several weekends a year to different colleges for campus tours. He says we have a disciplined team and the kids will play hard and Central will be very proud. He says kids won’t just know how to play football, they will be able to do life! Mike Randolph suggested the possibility of trying to re-start the C-Club in the future. Spring football practice will begin May 7 – 18 pending approval. Notre Dame will come over for a work day and cookout. This will not be a full scrimmage. Thursday, August 16th at 6:00 p.m. Central will play Walker Valley at Finley Stadium for the first full game at the Chattanooga Kick-off Classic. 
Acceptance of Minutes

Lucy distributed copies of the minutes, agenda, and the treasurer’s report. A correction to the March minutes will be made regarding the purchase Judy Phillips made for Thank you cards at Advantage Printing. Previously, the price for these cards was estimated to be $260.00 - $270.00. However, the price Judy paid for the cards was $209.00. Motion to accept the minutes as written was made by Buffy Hoge. Martha Fay Blabon seconded. Motion passed. 
Treasurer's Report

The fund balance is $20,769.88. Everything has cleared. Motion to approve the treasurer’s report was made by Buffy. Finley seconded. Motion passed. 
Old Business

John Crawford edited the Sports Hall of Fame (SHOF) application and it was approved by the committee. It will be placed online so it can easily be filled in online and submitted. He would also like it to be placed on the Alumni Association website, school website, and the CHS Connection website. It can be used year after year with no changes necessary as in previous years.
Kristie Neely said she will get the sizes for the football pullovers from Finley and has confirmed that we will use the block “C” and logo on them. She says the turn-a-round on these is about a week to week and a half.

Finley stated that he has not had time to look into the video conferencing. John Crawford mentioned that he knows a retired Channel 3 man that will help with the set-up of the video conferencing for us. Lucy made a motion to table the discussion of the video conferencing until the June meeting, when school is officially out. Buffy seconded. Motion passed.

Distinguished Hall of Fame (DHOF) updated by Lucy. Inductees have been chosen and Lucy notified them by phone. Barney will give Lucy the information she needs to send a letter to each of them. They are: Lt. Col. Jay Land, Class of 1988, Pam Hurst, Class of 1973, and Joyce Ireland, Class of 1958. Jay has requested to spend a day with the JROTC students. We are planning a reception for Wednesday, May 9th at 7:30pm in the cafeteria. Buffy, Tara, Kelly, and Judy will be mailing the invitations to previous recipients and/or their family members per the previous minutes.
Buffy asked about the picture frames, trophies, and coffee cups for the 3 honorees. Barney will get those and bring them. Buffy picked up a purple bolt of fabric for use at either the reception or Senior Day on May 10th.

Barney said there is no golf tournament update at this time.
Gary Woodall said that the June 16th golf tournament to benefit the Football Booster Club will be at Bear Trace Golf Course and he has brought flyers with him. The Football Booster Club will now be known as the Central Quarterback Club.

Lucy explained that the scholarship committee is in the process of going over scholarships to be awarded to students on Class Day. The committee noticed there were high GPA’s with lower ACT scores. For instance, at UT, a student can have a 29 on the ACT and a 3.8 GPA to be accepted to the school. Finley said the discrepancy is coming from the fact that students don’t want to take the AP courses which help earn college credits. Lucy said they have some wonderful applicants. They have one with a 4.0 GPA and a 31 on the ACT. The list of recipients is ready except for one.
Principal's Report

Finley announced Senior Day will be held on May 10th at 9:30 a.m. in the gym. Class Day is on Friday, May 11th, at 9:00 a.m., also in the gym. May 19th is graduation. EOC testing begins Monday and will take three (3) weeks to complete. It will be taken in parts. This is required testing and students will be under a lot of stress. Prom is to be held on April 21st at 7:00 p.m. at The Mill. This is for Juniors and Seniors and their guests. Finley received a neat gift. He received a copy of the Digest from 1917 as well as an article regarding the old CHS campus which explains that a new auditorium addition will cost $18,000.00 to build! 
Student Officers Report

Destiny Smith announced the Freshman Dance venue has been moved to Harrison Bay State Park Pavilion. A poll was taken and there were 80 freshman interested in attending. Tickets will be sold next week for $10 each. The Board of Education has to approve the dance to be held off-campus. Rent for the pavilion is $150.00. Judy made a motion to give $150.00 for the rent of the building pending approval of the BOE. Martha Faye seconded. Motion passed.

Zoey Greene announced that the choir will be having a concert on May 8th at Oakwood Baptist Church.

Jake Johns is wrapping up plans for this year’s prom. The Jazz Band will be having a concert on April 20th at Brainerd Baptist Church at 7:00 p.m. and Olive Garden will be catering. 
New Business

Buffy has an update on her fundraiser to sell wristbands and keychains. They have been ordered and will be coming in next week. She ordered 100 wristbands and they gave her 200 free! She also ordered 275 keyrings. They will be purple with gold writing that says, “CHS Go Pounders” and the cost was $ .75 each. They will be sold for $5.00 each and she will be donating the proceeds to the Alumni Association. This first batch is a “test” batch. The re-order price is $ .45 for 499 pieces.

David Sharp updated on the possibility of selling 8 x 8 paving stones as a fundraiser. BricksRUs.com quoted a price of $35 for 15 letters and a name. There were a couple of other companies. He just wants us to think about it and put it on the agenda for the fall. He will get a sample to view.

Lucy asked Kristie if we could get visors. Kristie said we can but the cost will be $15.00 each.
Tonya McDaniel Martin introduced herself and her son, Riley Martin. Riley plays on the CHS Boys’ Soccer team. The entire team as well as Coach Browder, Hunter Middle Soccer Coach and CHS Assistant Coach, came in support of Tonya and her request. They introduced themselves and told a little bit about themselves. Tonya would like to have the permission of the Alumni Association to write a grant in our name to Volunteer Energy Cooperative (VEC), the local energy provider for Harrison, Tennessee. They have what they call the VEC Shares Program, where they offer grants to local organizations in the communities they serve. She is the PTO President at Brown Middle School and she writes grants to VEC for them twice per year. Tonya and the team were very organized. They passed out a CHS/BMS Soccer Field Plan for 2018 that detailed the reasons for the plan as well as the phases of labor/construction, and their plan for fundraising. To date, they have raised $1,000 and have $500 from the Brown Middle PTO. Several team members outlined immediate needs such as the need for 2 sets of bleachers and issues with spectators viewing games from outside the fenced area so they don’t have to pay the $5 entry fee to the game. They also mentioned lack of funding support from the school system, no lighting, so the field can’t be used after dark, and scheduling conflicts from 4 different teams trying to use the same field during daylight hours. This field has not been cared for or seeded in several years. Coach Browder is trying to change the culture and wants to be able to recruit more players. They are 5 and 3 this year and have 6 to 8 games left in the season. Coach Browder explained they pay $90.00 for two referees per game and they have 3 more home games this year. The parent volunteers and students would be putting in the labor. Mike Randolph made a motion to give the team $2,000.00 for the purchase of the fencing for the soccer field. David seconded the motion. Motion passed. A motion was also made by Garry McNutt for Tonya Martin to have permission to write a grant on behalf of the Alumni Association for the needs of the CHS Soccer Team for the proposed equipment. Kelly Robinson seconded. Motion passed. 

Lucy thanked Amanda Roy for the Alumni Association sign on the softball field.
Lucy read a letter from Erwin Davis regarding the Jordan Bain Guess Scholarship opportunity for this year. He stated that the scholarship will be renewed this year for the full amount of $1,000.00 and there has been $500.00 raised for the next year as well!

Finley announced that Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up and the Faculty Appreciation End of Year Luncheon event on May 7th. A recommendation by Finley for food was made. There are going to be 68 teachers. Tara made a motion to provide donuts or breakfast food. David seconded. David will bring 10 dozen donuts and gallon of coffee to be ready by 6:30 a.m. Motion passed.

Mike spoke about new coach and made a motion to spend $2,000.00 to go toward the purchase of equipment items Coach Jones proposed. Tara seconded. Motion passed.
Dick Blabon presented Finley with two (2) baseball caps that say “Central Classic” on them.
The next Alumni meeting will take place on Thursday, May 10, 2018 in the school library.
A motion to adjourn was made by Lucy. David seconded. Motion passed


Kelly D. Robinson
Meeting Attendees
Judy Phillips
Kelly Robinson
Mike Randolph
Buffy Hoge
James Walker 
Tara Waldrop
Jake Johns
Barney Ottinger
David Sharp
Zoey Greene 
Destiny Smith
Martha Faye Blabon
Dick Blabon
Connie Hay
Naomi Hay
Misty Jones
Curt Jones
Kristie Neely
Gary Woodall
Steve Daniels 

Garry McNutt
Randall Thomas
Michael Noone
Charlie Sedman
Ronnie Kincer 
Lucy Bottorff
Tonya Martin
Coach Browder
(CHS Boys’ Soccer Team