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August 2018 Alumni Association
Meeting Minutes
September Meeting
Thursday September 13
See You Then!
6:00 P.M. 
Join Us in the School Library!
The August meeting of the Chattanooga Central High School Alumni Association was held August 9, 2018 at 6:00 p.m. in the school library. President, Lucy Bottorff called the meeting to order at 6:00p.m. Vivian Pettigrew introduced her grandson, Alex Pettigrew Rolapp.  He is in the 8th grade and lives in Los Angeles, California and is visiting Chattanooga.


Acceptance of Minutes

Lucy distributed copies of the minutes, agenda, and treasurer’s report for review. Barney Ottinger commended Zoey Greene on a job well done with the meeting minutes for July. A motion to accept the minutes as written was made by Tara Waldrop. Barney seconded the motion. Motion passed.
Treasurer's Report

Tara Waldrop stated there was a fund balance of $12,062.69. Two items were still outstanding. Checks for $396.00 to Apparel Embroidery for the track windbreakers and $300.00 for the cost of the hotel for Curt Jones are outstanding. Buffy Hoge made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report. David Sharp seconded. Motion passed. 
Old Business

Buffy ordered 300 wrist bands and used about 150 of them for the 9th grade orientation. She reported that it was a great reception. Lucy will reimburse Buffy $93.00 for the order of the wrist bands.

John Crawford explained that the CHS Sports Hall of Fame (SHOF) letters will be mailed out in the morning. Programs will be designed by The Central Digest. The list of nominees and accolades will be sent to Finley. He is working with Barney to get pictures and the accolades together. Bryan Smith will be asked to emcee the event.

Vivian has tickets available for the SHOF BBQ Dinner that will be held on September 28th
at 5:30 pm.  They are $5:00 each.  She paid for the tickets to be printed and will turn in the receipt for $40.00.  The induction ceremony will take place before the game against Howard High that evening and we will recognize the inductees on the field at half-time. We will also have Coach Farmer books for sale. A motion was made by Buffy to use Rib & Loin again this year. Kelly Robinson seconded. Motion passed.

Vivian asked if someone else could handle the publicity for the SHOF event. Tara said she would handle the publicity if Kelly would handle the goody bags for the golf tournament.  John will see about having it featured on Sport Talk. 

Barney said that two teams have already signed up for the alumni golf tournament. Chattanooga Fire Department and Chattanooga Police Department have signed up and paid. Judy mentioned how publicity is crucial. A distribution list was passed around and volunteers were assigned similar to last year. There was much discussion about the list and what items were needed. Anyone who wants to volunteer for this event can contact Judy. She will update the committee list at the next meeting.

Tara wants to set up a PayPal account for the association. It helps with fundraisers and is widely used by individuals as well as businesses. 

David Sharp had brick order forms. Prices are as follows: (1) 4 x 8” brick is $65.00, (2) 4 x 8” bricks are $100.00,  and (1) 8 x 8” brick is $100.00. These bricks will be placed by the Anvil in front of the school. They are 2 ¼” thick. He passed the order forms around. The bricks will be laser engraved before being fired. The deadline to purchase bricks this year is August 24th.  He has been delayed by not having a PayPal account, so we will have written forms until the online ordering is available.
Principal's Report

Finley King said he had a great freshman orientation on Monday! There were a lot of alumni in attendance! The first two days of school have been great so far. Central has just under 1,000 students. They have a new program to help with reading in Jim Snyder’s RTI class. We had a lot of success last year and we are looking forward to this year. 

Testing last year was unproductive since, in the middle of testing, the state announced results would no longer count, therefore, the students lost incentive to attain high scores. Finley is looking forward to proper computer-based EOC testing. Right now, it is difficult to keep the morale up for testing. 

New Business

Jim Snyder introduced himself. He is the RTI teacher and event coordinator for the annual career fair at Central. He collects information from surveys on student opinion of the most popular places to work in cooperation with the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce. Students list employers they are familiar with due to a parent, grandparent, or friend working for these companies and think about the possibility of one day working in these places of business in the future. He sets up a booth during freshman orientation and will hold an event on October 2nd

where he would like to have a CHS Alum as speaker for the event. David Sharp said that he would like to participate in this event.

Lucy addressed recent alumni postings on the Facebook page concerning fundraisers. She stated ALL fundraisers need to go through the proper channels before being posted to the page. Finley King and the Association must give approval for any possible fundraiser. This will be an opportunity to welcome alumni and help the association grow and continue to succeed.  

The alumni website needs to be updated. We have paid this year’s fees for the website so Lucy will check into having it updated as soon as possible. 
Student Report

Jake Johns said The Digest has the largest staff this year with 24 students! There are 5 freshmen on staff. Although, there aren’t any class officers yet, he wanted the Association to know he will be running for class president. He has a lot of ideas for events and fundraisers this year. He will also be helping the freshmen write their speeches.

Zoey Greene stated she will be running for re-election as class secretary this year.


Lucy announced that she would like to hold a reception for the oldest living Central graduates.  The class of 2018 was the 4th generation to graduate from Central High.  The class of 1953 is holding a reunion on August 18th and Finley will be in attendance. 

Connie Hay’s birthday is Sunday! 

Lucy announced the next meeting will be on Thursday, September 13th at 6:00pm in the

 school library.

David made a motion to adjourn. Buffy seconded. Motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 7:36pm. 

Kelly D. Robinson

Meeting Attendees
Finley King                            
Kelly Robinson                     
Jake Johns                            
Vivian Pettigrew                  
Alex Pettigrew Rolapp       
Jim Snyder                            


John Crawford                     
Mike Randolph  
Tara Waldrop                       
Preston Fore
Pam Mi