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The distinguished Alumni awards are given annually by the Alumni Association to "recognize individuals who, in their vocation or profession, have demonstrated concern and service to the community which favorably reflects on Central High School".  The award winners must be living or deceased alumni/supporters during the years 1907 through the current year and cannot be an alumni officer or present member of the Central faculty.

Recipients of the Distinguished Alumni award are announced in the fall each year.  If you would like to nominate an alumni/supporter for this award, just call our office at 423-344-1447, or email to central@chattanooga.net and give us the name of your nominee as well as a little information about the person and where they can be contacted.

Chattanooga Central High School Distinguished Alumni Award

1991 Bill Penny and Luther Masingill
1992 Thomas Claxton, Margaret Hammock and Bill Balinger
1993 Raymond Witt, Jr., Robert Kirk Walker, Jake Seaton and Vance Frye
1994 Albert Cobble, Rex Elmore and Dr. Robert Demos
1995 Bobby Wood, Carolyn Owens Schaerer, C.L. "Gibby" Gilbert and John W. Holden
1996 Terrell Fugate, Clarence E. Harris and Sarah Ellen Mullenix
1997 Nickey Bowman, Margaret Jeanette Castle Crawley, Robert H. McCoy and George Shuford, III
1998 Louis Brannan, E.B. "Red" Etter, Bill Knowles and Janice Morgan Howard
1999 Fred Agee, Don Brock, Bobbie Ruth Hodges, and C.A. "Red" Parks
2001 Harry Arnold, Jr., Thomas Cox, Vernon W. Cox, Reuben Justice, Betty Rush Robinson
2002 Barbara Ewton Knowles, Dr. Warren Mackey, PhD, Howard P. Sompayrac (Hamilton County Commissioner), Joe E. Kerr
2003 Benjamin F. Miller (Hamilton County Commissioner), Connie Hay, Diane Marlowe Hale, Warren Madison
2004 Betty Lee, Charles Edward "Ed" Hoback, Robbie D. Pressley, Honorable Steve Morris Bevil
2005 Honorable William L. "Chink" Brown, Edgar M. Jolley, Honorable Harace Levi Smith, Jr, Susan Watkins Kendall, William R. "Rusty" Kendall, Betsy Jobron Corum, Robert "Bobby" Dugan
2007 Jerry Summer

William Millsaps, Jr.

2015 Tahnika N. Rodriguez (Thomas), Rick Jerome Hansard, Roy Ketner McDonald, Mary Alice Howell Alexander Bevilaqua, Jayne  Arnold Holder, George Conner




Nancy Collum ('74), Richard Cox ('91), Pam McNutt Fleenor ('77), Marjorie Ogle ("45), Paul Starnes ('52 ?), Dorothy Stone (not a graduate -taught at Central for 43 years., Dodds and Hwy 58. Never taught anywhere else.)
Barry Steven Borden  - 1972, Clyde Ray Moore, Jr   - 1971, Dr. John Adams Dyer, PHD  - 1954, Kenneth Lamar Parker  - 1961,  Hubert Shuptrine - 1954


Pamela Joyce Halfacre Hurst - 1973, Joyce Gail Ireland - 1958, Lt. Colonel Jay C. Land - 1988