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Meeting notes from the October 1 alumni meeting are available on the "Alumni Meeting Notes" page.


Class Reunions

Central Alumni! If you are planning a Class Reunion and need a meeting place, look no further. The Alumni room at CHS is available free of charge. Let us know if that is something of interest to you. Also, send me an email with dates. A member of the board will attend if we are invited! :)

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The next alumni meeting will be held on Thursday, November 12th at 6:00 PM in the school library. Everyone is urged to attend.  The December meeting will not be a conference call, but will be held as scheduled on December 10th.

All alumni are invited to the alumni meetings. We welcome your input and suggestions. If you cannot attend, please send me any suggestions you might have.

Very exciting to see the numbers growing on our new FACEBOOK page. YOUR Central Alumni Association has a lot in store for the upcoming year! Facebook will be one of our means of sharing our purple pride! Cool facts about the school, announcements about what is going on and most importantly connecting with friends old and new!!!

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Our Alumni Association has launched a new social media site to improve communications to and among Central alumni.

For those who are interested in becoming members, click on:  Become a Member

Those signing in will quickly see similarities with Chattanooga Central Connection (CCC) social media site launched a few months ago to replace the TCC site.  The Central High School Alumni Association (CHSAA) will eventually replace the existing Alumni Association website.

CHSAA is not intended in any way to replace CCC.  While some of the same information will appear on both sites, just as it appeared on multiple sites, facebooks, etc., before, both will have some information unique to each.

The "Revitalized" Alumni Association has been working hard for a couple of years to better communicate with all alumni.  CHSAA was built to be a primary communications medium in conjunction with the existing AA Facebook Page going forward.

Alumni Association Officers encourage you to become a member of CHSAA so you can stay informed about what the Association is doing and provide input on what you would like to see it do.  CHSAA is accessible to members only and will be an open forum for members to provide feedback, share information, and stay in contact with others with purple and gold blood in their veins and arteries.
Goooo... Pounders!!!!!!!! 

Visit Chattanooga Central Connection at: http://chattanoogacentralconnection.ning.com/?xg_source=msg_mes_network

Our monthly meetings are open to all alumni and supporters.

A new blog site dedicated to the Preservation of Central History is now available online. 
Click the following link to access this new blog.

Thank you for visiting the Central High School Alumni Association Web Site. The Alumni Association is involved in obtaining information for the graduates of Central in areas of class reunions, and plans for future activities. We strive to be the most active Alumni Association and to make Central High School the best school in the South by keeping in touch with school officials in all areas of the educational process. If you have any suggestions or class information for this Web Site, you can email me. Thanks again for visiting this site.

Anyone who would like to add or update their contact information, check on reunions or special events, or stay up-to-date on important
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