June 2018 Alumni Association
Meeting Minutes
July Meeting Date Change
July Alumni meeting is at 
6:00 P.M. on Thursday July 19.
Join Us in the School Library!
The June meeting of the Chattanooga Central High School Alumni Association was held June 14, 2018 at 6:00 p.m. in the school library.  President, Lucy Bottorff called the meeting to order at 6:01 p.m.  There were no new attendees to recognize at this time.
Acceptance of Minutes
Lucy distributed copies of the minutes, agenda, and treasurer’s report for review.  A motion to accept the minutes as written was made by Buffy Hoge.  Finley King seconded.  Motion passed.
Treasurer's Report
Tara Waldrop stated there was a fund balance of $16,900.47. Total deposits were $3,000.00 ($1,000 each for the Principal’s Scholarship, Frye Scholarship, and the Guess Scholarship). Two (2) checks cleared. The first, in the amount of $2000.00, was for the purchase of the John Deere Gator for the baseball team. The other, in the amount of $517.50, was for Mrs. Hooper to attend the AP training class. There are 4 outstanding checks at this time. They are: $31.39 to reimburse Tara for the DHOF tablecloths, $186.00 to Apparel Embroidery, Inc. for the purchase of the wrestling jackets, $1,178.00 to Apparel Embroidery, Inc. for the purchase of the football jackets, and $1,000.00 to the CFGC (Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga) for the additional donation by Doyle and Martha Attaway for the Principal’s Scholarship Fund. Finley made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report. David Sharp seconded. Motion passed.
Old Business

Barney Ottinger provided a golf tournament update. We now have 3 months to work on the tournament preparations. The brochures will be ready tomorrow. He is having a stamp made for the “save the date” cards. The tournament is to be held on Saturday, September 29th at 8:00 a.m.  There will be 2 “save the date” mailings.  Barney is getting the hole-in-one insurance.  It is
relatively cheap at $250.00. If someone gets a hole-in-one on one of the designated holes, that person wins $5,000.00 and the Associations will receive $5,000.00.  We had 20 teams participating in the event last year.
Finley stated that the name plates for the trophies aren’t ready yet, but Barney has the name plates for the locker room. Barney will be working Monday, June 18th to put the urethane on the lockers in the football locker room so the name plates can be permanently attached.  If anyone would like to come help him do this, any help would be greatly appreciated.
Buffy announced she has 275 key chains and 325 wrist bands available for purchase. The first payment of $130.00 has been given to Tara as the first installment for this fundraiser. Much discussion was held to decide where we would sell these items. We will make them available at any table we set up for future events such as parent orientations, football games, a class reunion, the golf
tournament, dinners, etc. Buffy handed out packs of bracelets and keychains to Judy to sell at the Connie Hay Golf Classic on Saturday, June 16th at the Bear Trace
Principal's Report
Finley reported that the John Deere Gator has been purchased and will last for many years. Four teachers retired at the end of this school year. One has been promoted. Colonel Brooks, of JROTC, has been promoted to fill the vacancy at the Central Office left by Colonel Tom McConnell, who also retired. Finley announced that he has hired new teachers. Three of them are first time teachers and they are thrilled to be here! These teachers had several offers open to them and they picked Central! The school is losing a curriculum coach this year, Elizabeth Zachary. The curriculum coach observes the teachers as they teach their classes and reports back. Finley has selected Brielle Farrow for the position. She knows the teachers and will work well with them. The AP Chemistry teacher, Megan Sanford, will be attending a course at Kennesaw State so she will be able to teach the course at Central in the fall. The Days Inn will cost $275.36 for the two-night stay required to be able to attend the class. Garry McNutt made a motion for the Association to pay $350.00, which will include gas and any additional expense for travel to and from Kennesaw State for the teacher. David Sharp seconded. Motion passed.
The Class of 2018 graduated. It was wonderful! It was quick and the students were ready!
Coffee mugs were ordered for the school and the Alumni Association. There will be 50 for the school and 50 for the Association. There is a set-up fee of $55.00. The total will be $572.00. The school and Association will split the cost. The association will use them for DAHOF and SHOF to engrave and give to the inductees.  A motion was made by Garry to split the cost of the mugs (paying $286.00).  Buffy seconded. Motion passed.
Student Officers Report
Garry mentioned that five students are coming to Central to attend the Mechatronics Akademie from out of zone. We are excited to have this opportunity at Central! This course is the high school equivalent of the Volkswagen Academy. Students will be taking 5 classes that result in 15 hours of college coursework toward Associates Degrees in Applied Science.  More information can be found at www.hcde.org.
David Sharp presented additional information on the possibility of using Bricks R Us for a scholarship fundraiser. He brought examples of a 4” x 8” brick engraved for everyone to view and a mock-up of what the brochure will look like. He stated that the committee held two meetings to discuss price points, website set-up, order entry, and to decide on a brochure design to be given to Bricks R Us. They will design our brochure, we just have to provide the logos and let them know how we want it to look. We will be responsible for the printing of the brochures. Patrons of the fundraiser will be provided two options for purchase.  One will be a 4” x 8” standard brick (engraved) for $50.00 and the other will be an 8” x 8” paver (engraved) for $100.00. David has been in contact with a representative of the company and is going to set up the donor site so that orders may be taken as soon as we are ready.  All
orders are to be taken online. However, if we need to provide a paper order form, Kelly will make sure we get all of the information we need to upload it into the site. We may order bricks all year long up until September 1st each year. However, they will all be engraved at the same time and sent to the school in November. Barney said he can get storage for the bricks if we need it until the bricks can be professionally placed on campus.  There was much discussion on where to place the bricks once ordered.  However,
Finley will help decide where the bricks can be placed once we have them. There are two class reunions, an event to be held for the new track being built, and other events where the bricks can be solicited to help get the fundraiser started.  Barney made a motion to approve the project and begin the sale of the bricks so that we have the first order by September 1, 2018. Buffy seconded. Motion passed.
Erwin Davis was on the Agenda. However, he was unable to attend the meeting.
Finley announced that freshman orientation is Monday, August 6, 2018 from 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.  Barney said he will be available to speak at the open house.

New Business
David Sharp reported back about the engraved pavers/bricks he would like to use as a yearly fundraiser. These are 8 x 8 and would cost us $30.00 each. We would sell them for $100.00. Bricks R Us does all the work, from designing the brochures to providing a portal to take orders. Orders can be taken year-round. However, they engrave all bricks only once per year. Coach Crawford asked what the goal is for this fundraiser. David responded that the goal is to ensure the scholarship funds are solvent long into the future.
Any money raised from the sale of the pavers would be specifically earmarked for the perpetual scholarship funds. James said that in 2019, the 50th graduating class will pass through the new Central High campus location and it would be nice to hold an event to commemorate that. It was also discussed that an event should be held to recognize the new track we will soon be getting. It was
suggested that a paver committee be formed to get the ball rolling on this fundraiser. James Walker, David Sharp, and Kelly Robinson agreed to meet and review information on this fundraiser and report back at the next meeting on how to proceed.
Lucy passed out cupcakes that were made by her niece at their new shop, Honey & Hive Baking & Catering Company, located at Highway 60 and Highway 58. They were delicious!
Tara wanted to report that during the time Jay Land and his wife, Kelly were here for the DAHOF dinner and festivities, a discussion came up about Jason Frizzell and the impact he had on them as classmates. He committed suicide their sophomore year. With all the discussion right now about mental illness and suicide rates, the group of classmates realized the huge impact Jason still has on their lives today.  Tara and Kelly are going to meet with Jason’s family to ask for permission to set up a scholarship in his name.  The
student to be awarded this scholarship would be one who has had a real impact on their classmates, one who may have overcome real struggles, or may be struggling to succeed. This scholarship would be given regardless of grades. Tara will update the Association on the wishes of Jason’s parents at a future meeting.
Buffy asked about the brass plaque in the agora that was sprayed with paint. Finley explained that the students responsible did not receive their diploma until they cleaned up the mess they made in the agora. Once the mess was cleaned, they had to see Finley to receive their diplomas.  He said that he is working to get the remainder of paint cleaned off the plaque.
Buffy asked if anyone had found her missing purple rolling dolly, the coffee filter for the coffee pot, or her peppermint drop cord. They weren’t returned to her after the DAHOF dinner and she hasn’t been able to locate them. If anyone has seen them or knows where some of the items may be stored, let Buffy know so she can look through them.
Barney made a request to move the next Alumni Association meeting from July 12th to July 19th. He will be out of town that week and Judy Phillips will be out of town as well. Lucy said that the meeting can be moved to Thursday, July 19th at 6:00 p.m.
Gary has been posting to Facebook about our Golden Corral, Quarterback Club, and Alumni Association meetings taking place.
Tara mentioned there is an issue with how meetings are being conducted. It is becoming a problem when someone is making a presentation to the group but not allowed to finish due to questions being asked out of turn. You can’t hear the person who has the floor because side discussions are taking place and it becomes difficult to hear everything. Kelly said that this is a bit of a problem and sometimes it is difficult to get all of the information straight for the minutes, especially when there is a large turn-out to the meetings. Barney mentioned that we may need to hold meetings in a more formal manner in the future.
Lucy stated that the next meeting will be held on July 19th at 6:00 p.m. in the school library.
David made a motion to adjourn. Mike Randolph seconded. Motion passed.
Kelly D. Robinson
Meeting Attendees
Emily Brandon
Mike Randolph
Buffy Hoge
John Crawford
Kelly Robinson
Tara Waldrop
Judy Phillips
Finley King
Jake Johns
David Sharp
Barney Ottinger
Lucy Bottorff
Brielle Farrow
Zoey Greene
Zach Butler
Garry McNutt