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1933 Joe E. Kerr and Mary Marshall 1976 Rick J. Hansard and Cheryl Lynn Williams
1934 Charles S. Higdon and Mildred Gross 1977 James D. Manis and Lee Margaret Hammer
1935 William H. Lowery and Estelle Godsey 1978 Steven R. Thomas and Kimberly Ann Ellis
1936   Desmond P. Vandiver and Helen Gross 1979 Burts Joel Kennedy and Luane Teresa Davis
1937 Roy A. Scruggs and Aline Smith 1980 Roger Scott Bush and Sherri Jean Bradford
1938 Robert A. McCabe and Elizabeth Clark 1981 LeWayne D. Oliver and Cathy Jean Russell
1939    Herman H. Morris and Ruth Wheeler 1982 Stephen D. Fraley and Nancy E.  Lonas
1940 N. Wilson Norvell and Martha Beverly 1983 Mitchell Blake Watson and Emily Caroline Shearer
1941 Maj. Lewis Pendergrass and Emily Johnston 1984 Mark A. Braley and Tammye L. Yarbrough
1942 Maj. Edward F. Pogue and Alice Camp 1985 Ronald L. Baker and Ellen Denise Knowles
1943 Hardeman L. Stonestreet and Alicia Ware 1986 William C. Barnes, Jr. and Vicki Carol Evans
1944 Basil L. Irwin and Ruby Tate 1987 Rogne Brown, Jr. and Kimberly Feezell
1945 Robert D. Trimble and Billye Jane Mathis 1988 Alan L. Defriese and Lorena Faye Stitts
1946 Howard P. Sompayrac and Billie M.  Frank 1989 Brandon L. Humble and Tammi G. Wheeler
1947 Grover A. Masterson and Anna H. Harrison 1990 Brian M. Harvey and Melissa Diane Tassie
1948 John K. Morgan and Jean Cofield 1991 Christopher Harvey and Margarita Vazquez
1949 G. Franklin Ashley and Ruth Carden 1992 Jermaine Jackson and Heather Shoemaker
1950 Paul E. Fuller and Jeanie Watson


Mark A. Locke and Lisa C. Tassie
1951 Robert B. Clark and Peggy Kistler 1994 Michael Jackson and Stephanie Frost
1952 Frank M. Fuller and Kay Fry 1995 C. J. Davis and Julie Guinn
1953 James A. Pack and Carole Norrell 1996 Colby Rogers and Nicole Curry
1954 Vance H. Fry and Charlynne Harris 1997 Marshall Meers and Amy Aldridge
1955 Bobby E. Standifer and Carolyn Lowe 1998 Alonzo Hudgins and Jennifer Logan
1956 John H. Werner and Jane Armstrong 1999 Eric M. Dill and Julie E. Holder
1957 David T. Vaughn and Janette Seaton 2000 Amber Bowersock and Daniel Robert Jolley
1958 James E. Cheek and Rosemary Dickson 2001 Elysia Beth Parham and Shawn Wade Henry
1959 Gary R. Gober and Taligha Scherer 2002 Caroline Harvey and Orisha J. Green
1960 James A. Aiken and Sue Cameron 2003 * Montez Shackelford and Shemika Shackelford
1961 Jerry F. Shuford and Gerry Robinson 2004 Jonathan Matthew (Matt) Wilhoite and Blair Ryan
1962 Thomas F. Aiken and Dortha Meyer 2005 Kenny Nicholson and Haley Laster
1963 Robert G. Etter and Frances Gault 2006 Jennifer Megan Ward and Shane Tyson Tanner 
1964 Gary L. Adkins and Anita Rogers 2007 Wani George Kiri and Carmen Ann Tanner
1965 Bobby R. Johnson and Jane Young 2008 Chris Robinson and Jennifer Scott
1966 John O. Shinew and Cheryl White 2009 Michael Keith Pruett III and Amellia Grace Hickman
1967 M. David Haddock, Jr. and Nancy Feagans 2010 Jackson Taylor Medley and Jasmine Charisse Stalling
1968 Michael R. McCoy and Martha Hollis 2011 Terry Allen Thompson, Jr. and Shaveda Sherrell McClean
1969 Robert Larry McGill and Virginia Joy Nye 2012 Zachary Andrew Calhoun and Marissa Desmona Sharpe
1970 Bobby W. Downs and Jayne Lynn Arnold 2013
Tanner Grant Robinson, Chancia McNair Jones
1971 Richard Alan Duncan and Karen Sue Askew 2014
Joseph Brett Parrot, Ashley Benford
1972 Robert L. Brannan and Roxanne Moore 2015 Brandon Lewis and Sandria Sylman
1973 Stanley J. Robbs and Michelle Georgeson 2016 Jake Denton and Jadyn Snakenberg
1974 Harry Eugene Jones and Suzie C. Baker 2017 Jared Eddy and Diamond Jackson
1975 Gary Conner and Anne Ownes 2018 Mitchell Isaiah O'Neil and Kathleen Elizabeth Cimino
    20199 Michael McGhee and Kayla Henderson
2003  * Montez and Shemika Shackelford are brother and sister and two/thirds of a set of triplets.