It has been brought to my attention that a Central Alumnus has complained that the present officers and board of directors of the Central High Alumni and Supporters Association are in violation of the groups Bylaws. As the author of the 1991-1992 version of the Bylaws, member of the Alumni group since 1966 and past president, I am writing to hopefully address some of their concerns.

A small alumni group cannot function like General Motors, Blue Cross-Blue Shield, or the chain of command in the military.

Interest in Central’s Alumni/Supporters Group has risen and fallen over the years as the membership changes.

Ideally the Bylaws could be strictly followed, but that is not the case. Fortunately over the past few years the association has made tremendous progress as more Highway 58 graduates and students get involved.

Rather than throw axes I would hope all Central grads would support the leadership and make positive contributions rather than criticism. To my knowledge there has not been any inappropriate actions involving finances or other steps that would adversely damage the reputation of Central.

Two golf tournaments, funding of multiple scholarships, and responding to many requests from school groups for support have all been addressed by the association that meets each month in an open meeting that can be attended by anyone.

Other schools have contacted me and other members to solicit advice as to how they can improve and create more alumni support such as we have at Central.

A small but dedicated group of individuals who love and support Central devote their time and money to maintain the great tradition of our school which allows us to express with pride that we graduated from the school.

We need more support, not more criticism.

I will be glad to answer any questions about my involvement and knowledge of Central since 1957 if anyone wishes to call me at my law office at 423-265-2385.


By: Jerry H. Summers