A Road Less Traveled


This began as just a member profile, but somehow it has gotten out of hand and is becoming something else. I intend to let it go where it may, and for those who come here on purpose.....or by accident....you come at your own risk! What you see is what you get, and if I present a personal opinion I do not seek debate. If I seem offensive it is not my intention to be so, and I apologize in advance to those who may feel offended.

For the most part, what you read here will be my own thoughts, and bits and pieces from life as I have lived it.......everywhere......from the place of my birth, which is where I am now......to practically every state in the union.....as well as to Korea, Japan, and Canada.

I will speak most lovingly of the state of Montana, the only place I've ever known true contentment. Though I lived there for only a short time I can never forget it, and my greatest hope is to return there, to the vast solitude of the Rocky Mountains.

I may speak of the women I've known, the two I loved enough to marry........the first whose heart I broke......and the second who broke mine!

The first was a gentle woman who deserved much more than I could ever offer, and tried in every way to salvage what was never meant to be. The only way to set her free was to make her hate me. It was the hardest thing I have ever done, but at the same time the kindest!

The second preferred another life to home and hearth, and walked away from the responsibilities of being a wife and mother, causing me to leave my profession much sooner than I intended, and to move far away from the only home our children had ever known.

Given time and inclination, I'll introduce you to the many people I have known.....from the lowest of the low, the evil ones......to those who have achieved high office and position and include governor's, congressmen, senators, and many other holders of political office. I may even speak of my own three failed attempts at seeking public office, with my reward being the hard earned lessons of the political process.

So here it will be....the gate to my own less traveled road. Walk along with me.....or I'll walk alone. Whichever you choose......walk in peace my friend.

11 May 2001

Many months have passed since I began this journey.....since that day I stumbled across Beth Candy's site, and the instructions on how to build a "member page!"

Never did I realize that so many people would find these "ramblings" to be of such interest! Never did I realize that I would find so many friends in such a vast sea of faceless people! People that I may never meet, but whose names are now permanently engraved in my mind!

Names like Lytespirit, whose skill in the mechanics of building web pages, and whose tender words of encouragement continually urge me on; Night-Shine whose rollicking sense of humor and no nonsense attitude keeps me balanced, and aware of the lighter side of life! Names like Wauhilau and Becket...Dance In Heart...Spider Spirit! The husband and wife team of Eagle Cloud and Star...Bart, Kim.....and then there is Pete, the "Wizard", who used his magic to find this "Less Traveled Road", gave me a "wolf" as a companion, erected a sign post for direction, and led a chorus of compliments that amazed and delighted me!

For the most part we all have one thing in common... a love for all of that which is Native American, and a deep need to define our own history with those ancestors who passed to us their dreams as well as their blood!

Thank you, my friends, for all you have done....for all you have given me!

NOTE: Those of you who are reading this for a second time, may notice some revisions in certain areas. Though the basic ingredients of each segment are true I found it necessary to alter some parts in an effort to conceal identities!

When I first began, "A Road Less Traveled", it was intended for "my eyes only", and I did not consider the possibility that It might be viewed by so many others.  Individuals mentioned by their correct names might not be able to identify with "Ben Able", but they most assuredly would identify with names, locations, and circumstances, and then, just as assuredly, recognize and know the author.

It was not or will it ever be my intention to harm or embarrass anyone. I am simply reliving my own history for my own satisfaction.

It pleases me that so many have found some benefit or pleasure from my efforts, and your words of encouragement to continue are well noted.



Note: 24 January 2002

In checking the site meter for, "A Road Less Traveled", I have found that it is being visited and read by people from all over the world. I've noted locations in Africa and France in particular. I would be very pleased to hear from these far away people, and I would especially like for them to sign my guest book!




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