Blood in the Ground – Third Book in the Ascension Trilogy

Blood in the Ground is the third book of the Ascension Trilogy.  In this suspense filled adventure, Peyton Costello has delivered Opossum to the authorities to serve justice for the murders of Peyton’s parents.  However, Opossum intends to have the last word.  While he awaits the final day for his sentence to be carried out, the vile creature plots his vengeance against Peyton.  The stakes are high: supremacy over the spiritual world set upon the battlefield of humanity.  The decisive engagement begins…

"Although at times Blood in the Ground can be bone chilling graphic and very dark, nevertheless, you simply can’t put it down anticipating what is going to happen next."  EK Ellis, EK Ellis Literary Works

"…It is a fantastic book that will keep you reading well into the night, because you just will not want to put it down!  Five stars on this effort from Mr. Blumenstein."  Laurie Franco, Goodreads

"I would recommend Blood in the Ground to those who like to read detective suspense novels, or to those who have an interest in the paranormal.  This book is packed with both!"  Mike Cesar, Cesar Book Reviews


Snapping the String  - Second Book in the Ascension Trilogy

Snapping the String is the second book in the Ascension Trilogy. In this tale, Peyton Costello languishes away in a secure forensic unit of a mental institution accused of murdering his parents. While incarcerated, his consciousness is splintered. He tethers himself to the faint hope that one day he will be exonerated from this horrific crime. Peyton must pull himself back into reality, or the thinly stretched string will snap, and he'll be lost forever.

"The author has a way with his ability to create scenes so vividly you feel you are a part of the story…  Snapping the String is intense and volatile and a book you’ll be discussing for a long time to come."  EK Ellis, EK Ellis Literary Works

"Snapping the String is a deftly written psychological thriller leaving readers glued to the page ... highly recommended..."  James A. Cox, The Midwest Book Review  

"The author's uplifting theme and the karmic redress and retribution plot is interwoven with chilling, mind-boggling, polarized action... A great movie prospect."  Bernie P. Nelson, The Mindquest Review of Books 

"In Snapping the String, Robert Paul Blumenstein has written a brilliant book."  Gary Dale Cearley, Bookpleasures


Flirtin' with Jesus - The First Book in the Ascension Trilogy

Flirtin' with Jesus is the first book in the Ascension Trilogy.  Conrad LaGrone, a middle aged , is one step from homelessness.  Plagued from a life of bad choices, he meets the dynamic and loving Bonnie Adair who holds out a ray of hope to him that he might set his life on the right path.  However, Detective Dietzel, a dirty cop, Barry Brantly, a sinister crime boss, and the reverend Isaiah "Bubba" Brizelle, a dubious evangelical preacher, have designs to derail Conrad from obtaining his new lease on life.  The story is peppered with sex and violence as well as "sacred" institutions fraught with corruption, which the reader may find unsettling, though equally amusing.  The reader is riveted to the character of Conrad LaGrone, at times commiserating with his failings, and at other times, cheering him on to success.

"With a full deck of plot twists and seedy characters living under a curse of Old Testament revenge, Flirtin’ with Jesus grabs a reader’s attention with its intensity."  Ames Arnold, formerly The Tampa Tribune

"Flirtin’ with Jesus takes you on a ride and doesn’t let you off…  It’s an adrenaline rush that will have you wanting to seek more from Mr. Blumenstein."  EK Ellis, EK Ellis Literary Works

"Think David Lynch crossed with P.T. Barnum-- it's wild!"  John Williamson, Throttle Magazine

"When I reached the end of the book, I wanted to keep reading..."  Danny Morris, a reviewer


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